February 8, 2023

Advance Wireless Networking from A to Z | Free Courses – Gyaan24.com

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The slow time is over, you have to be smart and proactive.

Do you have passion in I.T field?

Do you like to pass the Wireless Networking Exam?

Do you like to start your career in I.T field and your family proud of you?

Do you like to start a class by end of that class start searching for I.T Job?

In this course we are going to cover almost everything related to wireless technologies

such as wireless router, wireless modem, wireless access points, wireless extender, wireless controller

cloud based wireless controller and so on.

Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Why Wireless Technologies?

Lecture 3: What are wireless network topologies?

Section 2: What is OSI Model?

Lecture 4: What is OSI Model and why we should know?

Lecture 5: OSI Model vs TCP/IP Model

Section 3: What is 802.11 standards

Lecture 6:802.11 Wireless Standards

Lecture 7: What is 802.11ac?

Lecture 8: What is 802.11ax

Section 4: What is wireless Router and how to configure it?

Lecture 9: What is wireless router?

Lecture 10: how to configure wireless router

Section 5: What is wireless Modem and how to configure it?

Lecture 11: What is wireless Modem? and how to know it?

Lecture 12: How to reset username and password?

Lecture 13: How to setup Wireless router SSID/Password

Lecture 14: Advance wireless modem configuration

Section 6: What is wireless access point and how to configure it?

Lecture 15: What is wireless access point?

Lecture 16: how to install and configure wireless access point?

Lecture 17: Advance WAP configuration

Lecture 18: how to connect my wireless access point to wireless routers or mode?

Section 7: What is wifi extender and how to configure it?

Lecture 19: What is wif extender and how it works?

Lecture 20: How to configure 2.4 GHz wifi extender?

Lecture 21: How to use wifi extender as an access point?

Lecture 22: What is dule band 2.4GHz and 5GHz wifi extender?

Lecture 23: How to configure dual band or 5GHz wifi extender?

Section 8: Wireless Access point Modes

Lecture 24: What are the wireless access point modes

Lecture 25: How to configure Client mode?

Lecture 26: How to configure Bridge mode?

Section 9: Did you know that we have PoE wireless access points?

Lecture 27: What is PoE wireless access points?

Lecture 28: How to configure PoE wireless access points?

Section 10: What is wireless controller and how to configure it?

Lecture 29: What is wireless controller or lightweight access points?

Lecture 30: Dive into Lightweight wireless controller

Section 11: Cloud based wireless controller

Lecture 31: What is Cloud based Wireless Controller?

Lecture 32: How to configure Cloud based wireless controller?

Section 12: Wireless Network Security

Lecture 33: MAC Filtering

Lecture 34: WPA2 configuration

Lecture 35: Firewall with Wireless Modem

Lecture 36:802.11x or RADIUS WP3 Advance authentication

Section 13: Wireless troubleshooting

Lecture 37: What is wifi conflict?

Lecture 38: Which Apps I am using for wifi troubleshooting?

Section 14: How to create QR and how to scan it?

Lecture 39: The end of story. How to create QR and how to use it?

And by end of this course, you will be able to work and apply for I.T job as a Wireless Network technician, Wireless Network Admin, Wireless Network Engineer. 

—– Let’s get ball rolling!!!

The Advance Wireless Networking from A to Z (Full Course), is almost 80% practical class, you will learn almost every type of wireless network devices and the most update date devices, I will keep my class up to date!

By end of this course, you will have strong fundamental of wireless Network or wifi, and I am sure you will pass the most recent certification as well.

My lectures are not only preparing you for exam, but farther it will help you to work on productions such as Data centers, any company or organization, not specific data center in any company as a Wireless Network technician, Wireless Network Admin, Wireless Network Engineer. 

During of my lecture, I have shared the most common I.T interview question as well. 

Wish you all a best of luck!

Who this course is for:

  • Candidates working as network administrators
  • Candidates working as wireless network engineer
  • Candidates working as Wi-Fi support engineers
  • Candidates seeking CWNA certification
  • Candidates looking to increase their knowledge of wireless networking


  • Basic Understanding of Computer

Last Updated 11/2022

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