June 1, 2023
Advanced Gatling for Stress Testing Web Applications 2022

Advanced Gatling for Stress Testing Web Applications | Free Courses – Gyaan24.com

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Level up your Gatling knowledge, by building an entire stress testing framework from scratch against a live e-commerce application!

In this course, you’ll assume the role of a performance testing consultant, who has been hired to implement a bespoke, robust and flexible continuous stress testing framework against a real web application.

This project will take you through implementing the framework across a seven day project, using all the advanced features of Gatling as the stress testing solution. We’ll also be hooking up our Gatling code with Jenkins for continuous integration.

What will you learn from this course?:

  • Full installation & setup of a new Gatling project from scratch – using the latest JAVA version of Gatling
  • Using the Gatling recorder to create a Gatling script against a live e-commerce website
  • Refactoring our Gatling code into an actual stress testing framework
  • All of the advanced features of Gatling such as programmatic logic, session parameters and feeders
  • Designing and implementing multiple user journeys and test scenarios through our application
  • Installation and configuration of Gatling through Jenkins for continuous integration

This course follows on from the hugely successful Gatling Fundamentals courses right here on Udemy. Although it is advisable to complete one of the Gatling Fundamentals courses first (either the Scala or Java versions), do note that this it is not required as this course is standalone.

No prior knowledge of performance testing or software development is required, as I will be walking you through the entire process. However, any prior knowledge or experience that you do have in these domains  will be of benefit and will naturally aid learning.

This course is for any Developer or Quality Engineer that wants to learn how to use the Java version of Gatling for testing their website, e-commerce store or other web application.

If you want to take your knowledge of Gatling and stress testing to next level whilst building an entire stress testing framework from scratch, this is the course for you.

Who this course is for:

  • QA Engineers and Programmers with small or no experience with Gatling
  • Anyone using an alternative load testing tool like JMeter, LoadRunner or NeoLoad that wants to learn a new tool
  • Developers looking to add a powerful, fun and intuitive new tool to their knowledge-base
  • Experienced Gatling users looking to take their knowledge to the next level


  • Some basic experience in any computer programming language will be helpful, but not required
  • No previous experience with Gatling is required, as all code and examples are explained in detail
  • Taking the Gatling Fundamentals course on Udemy before this will facilitate greater understanding

Last Updated 10/2022

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