June 7, 2023
Apache Web Server

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There are mainly 3 web servers are available. They are Apache, Nginx and IIS. But Apache is the most used web server. Apache is very important part of LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mariadb, PHP) stack. This course covers simple as well as advanced topics. Step by step details of how we have setup the lab is also given. We are using CentOS 7 for Apache Web Server Implementation. What are the packages required for implementing various concepts. How to install those packages & verify.

How to use Apache Web Server. How to make changes in Apache configuration file. What is home page. What is DocumentRoot. How to change the web server listening port. How to Launch Single Website. How to launch multiple sites on single IP Address. Named Based Virtual Hosting. IP Based Virtual Hosting. How to test web sites. How to use elinks, curl and lynx browsers. What is Host Based Security. How to block access based on IPs and Networks. What is User Authentication. How to make sure that only authenticated users are able to access the website. What is the role of .htaccess file. Per-user web directories. How to enable users to launch their own websites using home directory. How to configure other options such as Indexes, Redirect. What is LAMP Stack. How to configure LAMP Stack. How to create and use databases. Launching a simple LAMP Application. How to Launch HTTPS Web Site. How to create private key and generate self signed certificate.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Apache Web server or work with LAMP Stack


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