June 1, 2023
Build a SMS service w AWS Lambda Node Express Mongo

Build a SMS service w/ AWS Lambda, Node/Express & Mongo | Free Courses – Gyaan24.com

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Build an SMS sending service with AWS Lambda, AWS SNS, the Serverless framework, Node/Express & Mongodb is a short and focused hands on introduction to different AWS services (such as  AWS Lambda and SNS – Simple Notification ServiceIAM), Node.js/Express, Mongo/Mongoose, and others.

Throughout this course, we will be introduced to building and deploying a backend service that will help you create, read, updated and delete customer records and send SMS messages to specific customers that are in our database.

In the course, we will:

– explore mongo atlas and create a free mongodb cluster for a specific user,

– create an AWS user via AWS console,

– install the Serverless framework,

– create a serverless.yml with our serverless configurations

– create an AWS Lambda function,

– build a CRUD API service (that will allow users to createreadupdate and delete customer records)

– build an SMS sending API to send text messages to specific customers

– deploy our service to AWS and send SMS messages

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who is interested in learning serverless technology, AWS lambda, Node/Express and mongo


Last Updated 10/2020

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