September 25, 2022

2022 CSS – The Complete Guide (incl. Sass, Flexbox, & Grid ) | Free Courses –

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CSS (short for Cascading Style Sheets) is a “programming language” that allows you to turn plain HTML pages into stunning websites.

This course covers everything – we begin with the fundamentals (What is CSS?). What is the mechanism behind it? What are your plans for it)? and progressively submerge yourself further and deeper And we do so by demonstrating both practical instances and the theory behind them.

Getting started with CSS may appear simple, but it has a lot of depth – which is why this course offers multiple “Tracks” or “Entry points” to match your specific needs and reflect your present knowledge level:

  • The Basics Track: Begin at the beginning and learn CSS from the ground up. You simply begin with lecture 1 and work your way through to the end.
  • The Advanced Track: You already know the fundamentals of CSS, such as what selectors are and how they function, but you want to master more advanced features and applications.
  • The Expert Track: You have advanced expertise as well, but you want to learn more about Flexbox, CSS Grid, CSS Variables, or Sass. This song is dedicated to you.

Of course, this course provides both theoretical and practical examples – we’ll develop a whole real-world course project during the course – but there are also several projects, quizzes, and challenges for you to put what you’ve learned into practise.

In terms of the course project, we’ll create the frontend (but not the backend) of a hypothetical web hosting company. We’ll have a welcoming screen with various sections, a responsive design with an animated side-drawer, modals and forms, and a plethora of CSS animations, font styles, and more!

Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the course – this applies to the course project as well:

  • The fundamentals of selectors and combinators, as well as how to set up stylistic rules in general
  • Decalarations, properties, and values
  • What is the relationship between specifity and inheritance, and why is it named “Cascading”? Sheets of Style
  • The “Box Model” is an important theoretical notion.
  • How to modify the default location of items
  • Backgrounds (e.g. gradients) and images can be styled.
  • Which CSS units and measurements do you usually use (px, rem, percent, and so on)?
  • What is the relationship between JavaScript and CSS?
  • What “Mobile First” means and what responsive design is
  • Forms and form inputs styling
  • Text, typefaces, and text styles are all used in this project.
  • Flexbox! What it is, how it works, and how to utilise it
  • How to use CSS Grid and what makes it different from Flexbox
  • CSS is used for transforming and animating HTML elements.
  • Using features like CSS variables and best-practice class names, you can write future-proof CSS.
  • How to use Sass and what it’s all about

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