January 17, 2022
Data Loan in Jio

Data Loan in Jio: JIO Brings Emergency Data Loan Facility for Its Prepaid Customers

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Data Loan in Jio >> Jio users now have the facility to get instant high-speed data on loan and pay for it later. Called Emergency Data Loan, the latest offering by the Mumbai-based telecom operator is aimed to allow its prepaid subscribers to get up to five data loan packs of 1GB each — 5GB in total. The subscribers will be able to pay for the added data at a later stage. The new facility will help users who have exhausted their existing data allocation and are not able to purchase a data top-up for their accounts.

Each emergency data loan pack that carries 1GB of high-speed data access is valued at Rs. 11 and is valid until the validity of the base plan, which means you can continue to use the additional data until the completion of your base plan’s validity. It is also important to note the emergency data loan facility can only be availed if you have an active base plan in place.

How to avail emergency data loan in Jio

Users need to have the MyJio app installed on their phone to get the emergency data loan on their Jio connections. Below are the steps on how you can avail the loan.

  1. Open MyJio and go to the hamburger menu from the top-left corner of the screen.  
  2. Select Emergency Data Loan under Mobile.  
  3. Tap Proceed under the emergency data loan banner.  
  4. Select Get emergency data option.  

Jio users can avail emergency data loan for up to 5GB using the MyJio app
Photo Credit: Jio

The emergency data loan pack will now be activated on your connection. You will also be able to make payment for the data loan utilised from the Emergency Data Loan page available on the MyJio app.

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