June 1, 2023
Demystifying Bitwise Operations In C

Demystifying Bitwise Operations In C

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In this course we will discuss the importance of bitwise operations in modern programming, how bitwise operations are  performed, how to set up a “bit mask” to test for a particular bit pattern, or to turn on a specific bit, etc.

This course is an additional course to our “Demystifying Object Oriented Programming with C++” and “C programming language demystified”.  If you have not completed the C programming Demystified course, I recommend that you complete it or maybe take them at the same time. This course is essential in understanding the lower level operators in the C and C++ language. Having an understanding of these concepts will help you to be a better programmer by learning the how and why these features are used in the programs we write each day.

We will write small utility applications that will convert Decimal to Binary, Binary to Decimal, Decimal to Hex and more. In the section 2 we are going to add minimum 7 videos of applications of bit-wise operators at periodic intervals

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to write programs but not familiar with the “Binary Number System”
  • If you don’t understand the use of Bit-Wise operations and where they are used in everyday programs.
  • Anyone who is interested in going into micro controllers should find this course useful
  • If you think that low level bit operations are not needed.


  • You need a computer with an IDE compiler or gcc for linux installed.
  • You should have a fundimental understanding of the C language syntax
  • We recommend having completed our “C Programming language Demystified” course or similar

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