May 24, 2022

Fullstack Advanced React & GraphQL | Free Courses –

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The course has been entirely updated and re-recorded for the latest in React.js, Hooks, Apollo 3 and the Keystone Headless CMS.

Together we will build “Sick Fits”, a full stack online clothing store complete with real credit checkout. Users can search, sell, add to cart and checkout their favourite items.

The application has six main models — Users, Items, Orders, CartItems, OrderItems, and Roles — all of which are relational and showcase the power of relational GraphQL Queries.

The app also includes many server side bits including authentication, permissions, sending email, uploading images, and charging credit cards.

In addition to building both the frontend and backend of the application, we also spend the last section of the course Testing the React application.

Last Updated 12/2021

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