September 30, 2022

Grammar and Punctuation Mastery in English Writing Course | Free Courses –

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Hello, and welcome to Udemy’s top English punctuation course (well-paced, well-structured, well-presented, and comprehensive). This course has seminars, exams, and projects that will instil proper punctuation in your fingertips so you don’t have to think about it while writing. This brief course is a struggle to complete, even though it is aimed for novice writers.

In this course, I discuss:

  • Fundamental rules for punctuation
  • Placing punctuation relative to word spacing
  • Comma usage
  • Oxford Comma
  • Comma Alternatives
  • Uncommon Punctuation
  • Using Apostrophes for Possession and Contraction
  • Using Hyphenation to Join Words
  • Punctuating Dialog

The course concludes with an overview of all the rules (accompanied by a downloadable rule sheet) and a workshop in which I

This course is intended for the following individuals:

  • Students who are new to writing in English and wish to learn how to use perfect punctuation.
  • Students who have written in English before and wish to improve their skills by learning to write with perfect punctuation.


  • This lesson uses Microsoft Word 2016 to demonstrate punctuation. 
    To follow along and complete assignments, students will need access to comparable editor.
  • This lesson shows how to use the Grammarly Word plugin for free to copy edit your own work. 

    To follow along, students will need to download and install the Grammarly word plugin.

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