August 10, 2022

Learn Docker From Scratch [2021] | Free Courses –

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Welcome to this class on Docker Essentials!

By the end of this class, you’ll know how to run containerized applications with Docker.

This hands-on course goes straight to the point without any distraction and focuses solely on how to use Docker.

The Docker project started in 2013 and became the de-facto standard for executing programs in a portable sandbox environment aka container. It’s probably one of the reasons for the high rate of cloud adoption in the industry. Learning Docker now could be the best decision of your career! If you invest your time and effort in learning these skills TODAY  it will pay off greatly in the FUTURE. 

Since this is intermediate Linux, before enrolling in this class you have to already master the basics of the Linux commands. Some basic knowledge of Networking, in general, is also required. Once you have a grasp on Linux and Networking Basics, you can move on to Docker.

My advice is to first check my other classes on Linux Administration published here on SkillShare: they will help you build a strong foundation of Linux. 

The class projects will help you use the knowledge in a practical way and the skills you’ll learn will broaden your horizons and increase your value on the job market.

Major topics of this course:

  • Project Overview
  • What is Docker? Why use it?
  • Installing Docker
  • The Docker Client
  • Pulling Images and Running Containers
  • Lab: Running a Web Server in a Docker Container
  • Listing Images and Containers
  • Removing Images and Containers
  • Getting Shell Access to a Container
  • Executing Commands in a Running Container
  • Getting Information about the Running Containers
  • Committing Container Changes into a New Image
  • Tagging and Pushing Custom Images to Docker Hub
  • Image Structure and LayersCreating Custom Images using Dockerfil
  • Persistent Data: Volumes

and more! 

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