March 20, 2023

NFCs with React Native | Free Courses –

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NFC technology is everywhere in our daily life, from transportation, access control, to payment system. However, understanding NFC is still a hard topic because of its wide technology landspace.

So in this course, We will guide you from the simplest case like using common NDEF format, all the way to a complex digital identity management app which leverages some unique NFC features.

What we will cover in this course

First, I will provide an overview of NFC technology, so you can understand basic concepts and terms. After that, we will build three apps throughout this course.

App 1 is a game app to count how much time a user needs to scan five NFC tags. You will learn:

  • how to properly set up an NFC project
  • how to trigger NFC scanning
  • the difference from iOS and Android regarding NFC feature

App 2 is about NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF), which is the standard NFC data format supported by both iOS and Android. NDEF can be used for almost any NFC tag. We will build an NDEF reader-writer app, and you will learn:

  • how to write specific NDEF URI into NFC tags
  • how to read NDEF URI and trigger corresponding actions, for example, opening an URL, making a phone call, or sending a message.
  • how to use deep linking with NFC tags.

App 3 dives into low-level NFC programming, which directly manipulates the NFC tag’s internal memory and uses proprietary NFC commands. The app we’ll build is called “NFC Pokemon,” which is a digital identity management platform. It can seal a specific Pokemon, for example, a Pikachu, into an NFC tag.

When building this app, you will learn:

  • how to use low-leve tag command to directly manipulate NFC tag’s internal memory
  • how to create digital signatures in React Native
  • how to use proprietary password protection command for NXP NTAG 213 / 215

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