May 20, 2022

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Hi there, I am Veyhurdam Dikmen. I am a double CCIE with 10 years of experience on Networking, Security and Programming Technologies.

Are you struggling to learn Python Network Programming? This course will let you to use Python for your Network Programming Projects. You will be able to add Python Network Programming to your CV and learn niche skills that will make you unique as a Network Engineer.

You will learn:

-Zen of Python

-Python For Network Engineers

-How To Execute Python Code

-How to Run Your First Python Code

-Create A Python File and Execute It

-Numbers and Strings in Python

-Objects and Variables in Python

-Comments in Python

-Reading From and Writing To A File

-How To Read From A File Lab

-How To Write To A File Lab

-Device Connections via Telnet and SSH

-How to Connect via Telnet Lab

-How to Connect via SSH Lab

-Lists in Python

-How to Create a List Lab

-Dictionaries in Python

-How to Create a Dictionary Lab

-Tuples and Sets in Python

-How to Create a Tuple Lab

-How to Create a Set Lab

-Comparisons in Python

-Comparisons Lab

-Regular Expressions Lab

-Regular Expressions With Conditions Lab

-If and Elif Statements Lab

-Loops in Python Lab

-For Loops Lab

-While Loops Lab

-Break and Continue in Python

-Continue Statement Lab

-Break Statement Lab

-Connecting to a real device with While Loop and Continue and Break Statements

-Functions in Python

-Creating a Function Lab

-Creating A Function With Parameters Lab

-Create a function that connects to device and returns values

-Writing Functions With Return Values and Using Session Objects

-Classes in Python

-Creating Your First Class

-Creating A Class With An Initialization Method

-Creating A Base Class With Child Classes

-Creating A Base Class And Child Classes With Override

-Child Classes

-Modules and Packages in Python

-Create Modules From Existing Code

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone who wants to learn Python Programming that is essential to your Network Engineering career.
  • This course is for beginners, newbies & amateurs who wants to start their Python Network Programming Journey.
  • This course is also a great helper for intermediate and advanced Networking Professionals who wants to enter Python Network Programming
  • Anyone who wants to add Python Network Programming to their CVs.


  • You will need a mid spec PC or Laptop to install Python and test the codes yourself.
  • No previous coding experience is needed.
  • No previous programming experience is needed.

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