March 20, 2023

Python Logical Programs and Data Structures for beginners | Free Courses –

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All source code is available for download

Responsive Instructor – All questions answered within 24 hours

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Are you a College Student with Python background who is  interested in improving your programming skills or overcome the fear of coding , this course is for you.This course is for experienced developers as well.

You will start working on simple programs and move using numeric types

Print Digits in a number

Sum of Digits in a number

Check if a number is palindrome or not

Convert integer to binary and visa versa

Check if a given number is Special and Perfect Number

and More

Work with Strings:

Reverse a String in different ways

Count the words in given text

Find words,Remove Vowels

Find Duplicates,Replace Next Character

and More

Understand Recursion and write programs using it

Write programs using Arrays and Matrices

Sum of positive and negative numbers in a array

Find min and max element in a array

Reverse elements in a array

Check if a given matrix is a sparse matrix

Do Matrix Transpose

Swap Rows and Columns

Work with patterns:

Print Right Triangle

Print Inverted Right Triangle

Mirrored Right Triangle

Understand Time and Space Complexity

Implement Bubble Sort and enhance it

Implement Selection Sort

Implement Linear Search

Implement Binary Search using recursive and non recursive ways

Data Structures:

What are Data Structures

Different Types of Data Structures

Linked Lists:

Create a LinkedList

Insert at the end

Insert at the beginning

Insert in the middle

Delete at different positions


Find Nth Node

Check if list has a loop

Reverse a List

Work with Double LinkedList


Create a stack using an array

Create a stack using a List


Reverse a String using a stack

Check if symbols are balanced


Create a Queue using an Array

Create a Queue using a List

enQueue, deQueue

Who this course is for:

  • College Students Attending Interviews
  • Students who want to improve logic
  • Students who want to overcome fear of programming


Last Updated 10/2022

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