June 4, 2023
Quick JavaScript Crash Course Modern Advanced JavaScript

Quick JavaScript Crash Course: Modern & Advanced JavaScript | Free Courses – Gyaan24.com

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“Quick JavaScript Crash Course on Modern and Advanced JavaScript Hacks”

Where you will learn some really important JavaScript concepts and hacks to eliminate your fear of coding and improve your javascript coding skills

Java Script : Love and Hate

Can you believe this,

There are 2 extremes, people either love JavaScript or hate JavaScript.


Why not?, It runs everywhere, on Server, on Browser in Mobile Apps, everywhere. Not only runs but carry a lot of cool features with cool, nice and simple syntax.

Then Why Hate ?

Java Script is an ever evolving language. It can surprise you for its weird behaviour sometimes.

You might sometimes get stuck with an issue that you never identified or never could Imagine.

<which make this language more interesting>

That’s why Big Companies, like Microsoft worked on a wrapper language like Type Script to avoid such weird issues!

Now the question is when JavaScript is so popular and cool why not use this in pure form… why use wrapper? But the Question is How?

The Answer of this question lies in this course.

JavaScript is base for many of the other languages, if you know JavaScript, you can work with a lot of other languages and dependent frameworks easily.

In this Course of Java Script we are going to discuss some latest hacks introduced recently in the language .. and a few of the things you should take care and avoid during programming Java Script

And believe me if you hate it already, you will start falling in love with this language… and If you love it… you’ll start loving it even more.

This may be a quick course but it can add a lot of value to your existing java script skills

Existing? , Yes this course expect you to know Java Script a little bit, if not, you should know at least one programming language

So what’s that we are going to cover in this Quick course…

This course is based on the newer features that got released with the ECMAScript specification 6 and above,

So we will only discuss things from es6 and above.

In first section of this course we will be resolving all your doubts regarding the course, we will touch base the JavaScript history and we will get in place all the required stuff that you should have in your machine for this course and then we will get started,

In second section of the course we will focus on Variables And Scoping… and things to avoid and embrace around this…we will see the newer patterns to work with variables.

Following that in third section we will Discuss about Functions and Arguments… this is a critical part of this course because JavaScript treats functions as a first class citizen, so knowing what changes have been incorporated in them in newer versions is also very essential

After that in 4th Section we will discuss Operators, how to better use and code them

Following this, for OOPs lovers and haters both we will discuss, I guess, the favourite topic … Class Enhancements and OOPs, if you are not an OOPs fan yet I believe you will at least start picturing how object oriented programming is helpful in making code more modular and reusable, which can motivate you to start using OOPs effectively

Then we will discuss, the new functionality from Error Handling… An application where errors are not handled properly, the usability of such application is near to impossible

And then we have a section dedicated to Async patterns and Promises!!

We will see a few latest functions in comparison with similar older functions.

And I am sure you are going to have fun learning these new functions.

We will also keep adding the new and interesting features in future in this course, to keep this course updated with the latest launched specifications.

So, this is all what this course gonna have.

Please note this is a course focussed on recent JavaScript hacks, so please read the prerequisites before going for it.


Who this course is for:

  • Advance and Intermediate JavaScript Learners


Last Updated 6/2022

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