June 7, 2023
Social Media Marketing Content Batching and Repurposing

Social Media Marketing: Content Batching and Repurposing | Free Courses – Gyaan24.com

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Creating content is time consuming and overwhelming—not to mention, you need everything to align with your brand. In this course, social media manager Joanna Yung teaches you how to be more efficient with your time and maximize the value of your content using the content batching and repurposing technique. Get a step-by-step approach to both batching and repurposing, including identifying and planning your content pillars, analyzing your past social media content, exploring batch creation with various types of media and copy, and breathing new life into old content. Along the way, Joanna helps you figure out how to maximize your efforts and make your content creation journey more efficient and effective.

Released 6/30/2022

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