September 25, 2022

Spring Boot Fundamentals with Unit Testing (MockMVC/Mockito) | Free Courses –

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This course is exclusively designed for beginners to understand Spring Boot fundamentals for Back end Rest Services/API Development and ability to perform white Box TESTING such as Unit Testing , Integration testing for the code using various Testing Frameworks like Mockito, MockMVC, Junit, Rest Template etc

This course is divided into 2 Phases

Phase 1:

Introduction to Back End Development – Phase 1 explains the fundamentals of Spring Boot including JPA to develop Rest Services/API’s /Micro Services for Real time Applications from Scratch.

No programming Experience needed to start with this course. I have covered everything needed to make you familiar with every concept taught in the course

Phase 2:

Unit/Integration Testing – After Solid Understanding of Rest Services development using Spring Boot in Phase 1, Phase 2 explains how to write Unit Tests and Integration Tests for the developed Phase 1 Code using Testing Frameworks like Mockito, MockMVC, Junit & RestTemplate with H2 Databases

All Testing (White Box Testing) Frameworks concepts are given with Scratch level explanation.


By end of this course, one can start building Rest Services/API’s with Spring Boot and write Solid Unit Tests and Integration tests to test their code as per Industry Standards

This course can be a great resource to Junior Developers and especially to SDET’s to get involved into  White Box testing Strategies to better understand code and write solid Unit/Integration Tests.

Who this course is for:

  • Software Engineers
  • Testers
  • Developers


Last Updated 4/2021

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