May 24, 2022

Spring Cloud Data Flow – Cloud Native Data Stream Processing

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Understand the technical architecture along with installation and configuration of Spring Cloud Data Flow Applications.

Create basic to advanced Streaming applications like time logger to TensorFlow Image Detection Stream Flow.

You will learn the following as part of this course.

  • Architecture of Spring Cloud Data Flow
  • Components of Spring Cloud Data Flow like Skipper Server, Spring Cloud Data Flow ServerData Flow Shell
  • Using Data Flow Shell and Domain Specific Language (DSL)
  • Configuring and usage of message brokers like RabbitMQKafka
  • Installation and configuration of Spring Cloud Data Flow Ecosystem in Amazon Web Service (AWS) EC2 Instances
  • Configuring Grafana Dashboard for Stream visualization
  • Configuration of SourceSink and Processor
  • Creating custom Source, Sink and Processor application
  • Coding using Spring Tool Suite (STS) for custom code development
  • Working with Spring Data Flow WebUI and analyzing logs on runtimes

This course is designed to cover all aspects of Spring Cloud Data Flow from basic installation to configuration in Docker as well as creating all type of Streaming applications like ETLimport/export, Predictive Analytics, Streaming Event processing etc.,

Few working examples/usecases are covered to have better understanding like

  • Data extracting and interaction with JDBC database
  • Extracting Twitter Data (Tweets) from Twitter
  • Sentiment analysisLanguage Analysis and HashTag Analysis on Tweets from Twitter
  • Object Detection/Prediction using TensorFlow processor
  • Pose Prediction using TensorFlow Processor

Who this course is for:

  • Those who wants to create microservice based Streaming and Batch data processing
  • Those who wants to create Cloud Native ETL Applications


  • Basics on Spring Framework, Spring Boot and Microservices

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