June 7, 2023
The Complete Guide to HTML

The Complete Guide to HTML | Free Courses – Gyaan24.com

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Every single website uses HTML – even this very course landing page! It’s an absolutely fundamental tool that every web developer uses daily, and it also happens to be very easy (and even fun) to learn. HTML is the language that provides all the content on a webpage: the text, images, links, forms, videos, and more! Learning HTML is the first step in any web development journey, and this course teaches you all the HTML you need to know.

This course starts at the very beginning and covers all the essential HTML elements and tags. You’ll learn how to work with text elements, links, images, audio, video, tables, forms, and semantic elements. By the end of the course you’ll be an HTML master. And the best part? The whole course can be completed in a single day!

Hands On Learning

This course is structured like an in-person course. You get a chance to practice what you’re learning in every section with exercises, activities, and small projects. Instead of just watching me code, you’ll write your own HTML code and websites. I’ve spent years figuring out how to create compelling online courses, and I feel this is my best one yet!

About me

I’ve taught millions of students over the last decade, both online and in-person. My specialty is helping complete beginners change careers and break into web development roles. I teach online but also lead intensive in-person coding bootcamps. My experience teaching in a classroom informs the structure and content of all my online courses.

You’ll learn about dozens of HTML elements, including:

  • paragraphs
  • headings
  • semantic elements (nav, header, footer, etc.)
  • anchor elements
  • images
  • table elements
  • forms
  • buttons
  • labels
  • text areas
  • selects and options
  • audio
  • video

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners looking to learn HTML quickly and effectively


  • No programming experience needed

Last Updated 11/2022

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The Complete Guide to HTML.zip (2.1 GB) | Mirror

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