September 30, 2022

The Complete Python Pro Bootcamp for Data Science and AI | Free Courses –

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This module teaches students to program in Python and is scheduled to start their career in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

If you want to enter the domain of Data Science and are from a different discipline or career path then this module is for you to enroll in .

You should prepare for the practical workshops by watching the lecture videos, reading the written material including the assigned practical tasks, and prepare some of the initial practical tasks so you are ready for the days work.

The format of this module is a 4-week intensive module which is designed to teach you the necessary programming skills to excel throughout the remaining of your exciting program. I understand that you come from a variety of different backgrounds and encourage you to engage and communicate with us about your learning where possible; whether you are completely new to programming or whether you’ve dabbled in it before. Programming is a skill which takes time to master, and the more you practice these skills the better you will become.

The first two weeks contain many smaller topics which are fundamental to programming understanding, with later weeks utilizing these for more advanced applications.

All of the programming part will take place in Jupyter Notebook and relevant python version installation and usage will be shared in this course.

Week 1.

  • Environments
  • Variables
  • Data Primitives
  • Data Structures (Collections)
  • Control Flow
  • Scope Teaching

Week 2.

  • Functions
  • List/Dict Comprehensions
  • Libraries
  • Python Modules
  • Object Oriented Python
  • Teaching

Week 3.

  • Coursework Introduction
  • Numpy and N-Dimensional Matrices
  • File Input/output
  • Error-handling / Exceptions Teaching

Week 4.

  • Introduction to Pandas library
  • Visualization of Data with Python Coursework

Real Application.

  • Customer Data Pre-Processing

Who this course is for:

  • Beginner python developers curious about Data Science
  • Beginners
  • New to the Domain
  • Python developers and Machine Learning engineers
  • Everybody who wants to learn more about the joint field of AI and Data science
  • Students who wants to switch to Data Science


  • No programming experience needed , you will be taught everything from scratch up to a professional level

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