June 1, 2023
The Most Common English Mistakes and how to fix them

The Most Common English Mistakes (and how to fix them) | Free Courses – Gyaan24.com

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I’ve been teaching English for over ten years. In that time, I’ve seen A LOT of English mistakes.

Eventually, common patterns started to emerge. I began noticing that some English issues were common to most English learners, particularly small mistakes in grammar and phrasing that can lead to misunderstandings and awkward situations. I spent years collecting those common mistakes into a single course: this one!

Why learn about common mistakes?

Consider anything that you’ve learned to do very well. How did you get there? You learned something, then tried to do it, but it wasn’t perfect. So, after noticing some mistakes, you tried again and got better. That’s the learning process, and it’s no different when it comes to learning English. In this journey through common mistakes, we’ll focus on English grammar, speaking, writing, and much more. We’ll cover useful phrases and vocabulary, and even discuss best practices to ensure you can learn from your mistakes.

Some of the main topics in the course include:

  • Issues with English word forms
  • Odd phrasing problems
  • Common verb tense mistakes
  • Confusion with gerunds and infinitives
  • Typical English grammar goofs, like subject-verb agreement and article mixups
  • Problems with counting things in spoken or written English
  • One of my biggest pet peeves around English writing
  • Comparatives and superlatives
  • And more!

Are you ready to use mistakes as tools and take your English to the next level? If so, sign up now!

Who this course is for:

  • English learners who want to develop self-awareness and really master the language.
  • English learners will to change habits and look at English from with a fresh perspective.


  • A willingness to practice examples provided in the course.
  • A basic understanding of spoken English.

Last Updated 7/2022

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