February 8, 2023

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In this Arabic language course you will learn Arabic language and boost your Arabic skills with a complete comprehensive Arabic course.

Welcome to the best-selling Arabic complete course on Udemy

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This Arabic course is for beginners A1+ A2+ to Intermediate Level+ (B1+)

1500+ minutes of video contents to teach you Arabic language in short time!

Updated for (2021) #1 Best Selling Arabic language Course on Udemy

In this Arabic course you will discover that Arabic is easy to learn. This Arabic course covers all major topics a beginner needs to learn. The topics are arranged in logical order which makes the learning process smooth without getting frustrated or getting lost in the mid of the course.

I have created this course Arabic course years ago, and proudly sharing now with you, this is the best-selling Arabic course you find on Udemy and online!

This Arabic course gives you the ability to learn Arabic language easily, with a lot of new features that makes learning Arabic language easier and more efficient.

I never use boring teaching methodologies, but fun, interesting and attractive styles.

This course includes both presentation recorded videos and Camera videos, in order to make sure that I can deliver the best way of teaching Arabic.

Please Note
This Arabic course is created and designed according to and inline with:
1- CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and
2- ACTFL (American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages)


Don’t waste your time and learn Arabic from an Arab native professor. 


I’m thrilled to share The Ultimate Arabic Course Series with you! I created this custom Arabic course with my team because I wanted a better understanding experience for my students. They deserve the best.

After sharing it with my students, I received thousands of requests from other students who wanted to enroll too, and so The Ultimate Arabic Course series was born.

I have put a great effort in creating and developing this course to make sure that every lesson is well-explained and to make sure that you don’t feel lost or frustrated in the middle of the course. 

What Makes me Qualified to Teach You?

Teaching Arabic Language is in my DNA 🙂

I was born in a family of Arabic teachers, starting from my father to my youngest sister, I hold a Ph.D. in TAFL (Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language).

I have been teaching Arabic language to Arab natives and non-natives for more than 12 years. I have over 10 years of experience in professional Arabic language training, consulting, and education, I have served at universities and leading associations.

All Arabic courses which I have created and developed, are always inline with common European countries framework of reference for language procedure.

For the past 10 years, I have been encountering 100% of satisfaction with all students who undertaken my courses. 

My passion is inspiring my students through my offline and online courses which I have created and developed using my Learn Real Arabic teaching system. 

Since 2003, thousands of students have taken my Arabic courses (online and offline) – and I’m so grateful to every single one of you. 

You can watch it anytime you want and in any place you prefer. You also got an awesome ‎support from me anytime you ask a question or send a message ;)‎

I would love also to communicate with all students, who have questions or anything in ‎mind. Beside that you can reach me always via e-mail or by Udemy messages, so I would ‎reply to any questions directly through my phone. ‎

Stop wasting your time and learn Arabic correctly from the beginning.

1— Using wrong method from the beginning will cost you a lot! Many students start their Arabic course randomly without a proven system, they start learning how to say certain phrases but as a beginner this is wrong! And actually this is the main reason that makes you to feel lost or frustrated while learning Arabic.   

2— Before anything, you should start with understanding Arabic writing system and Arabic pronunciation system.   

3— Learning these 2 systems correctly from the beginning will help you to understand how Arabic words are written and pronounced correctly.   

4— The Ultimate Arabic Course (level 1) is the single course that helps you to master the 2 systems from the beginning.   

Who this course is for:

  • If you have no previous knowledge of Arabic and wish to gain a rapid understanding of the language.
  • If you have done some Arabic in the past but need to brush up on basic skills again before venturing into studying Arabic grammar
  • If you want to start Arabic grammar studies soon and need to learn how to read the language as a prerequisite. This course offers a low-cost option.
  • If you want to learn to read and write Arabic.
  • This is an essential course for beginners.
  • People who are seeking to learn new language, who are thirsty for more knowledge ‎and experience.
  • Want to work in any Arab country such as United Arab of Emirates, Qatar, or ‎Egypt for example? You are in the right place.
  • Want to improve their Arabic skills‎.
  • Who have learned Arabic years ago and have forgotten the language already, but ‎still want to recover‎.
  • People who are working in the Arab world.
  • People who started to learn Arabic and want to continue.
  • People who are willing to learn new language as a hobby.


  • It’s a beginner course – so no previous experience or knowledge necessary. Absolute beginners can take this course
  • The language of instruction is English so students should have basic grasp of the English language
  • Commitment – as with anything in life, the repetition of any ideal leads to its manifestation. Being consistent and persevering will ensure success.

Last Updated 1/2022

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