May 20, 2022

The Ultimate Guide to Illustration: From Beginner to Intermediate | Free Courses –

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Hello, My name is Inhyuk Lee. I am an illustrator, and the concept artist based in Seoul, South Korea. Since 2012, I’ve worked with Marvel, DC Comics, Boom! Studios, Dynamite, IDW, and other public publishers. In this class, I would like to teach the basics of character illlustration, from the first sketch to the final finish, using digital techniques.

For over a decade, I have been teaching students and I am well aware of the struggles they face when drawing a character. Many beginners believe that they need to fully understand the human anatomy to successfully draw a character; however, it is not true. In this class, you will be able to establish a solid understanding of the foundations of drawing.

Every drawing begins with the simple understanding of the geometry shapes. From the shapes, we can construct human figures, animals, objects – in fact anything. Once you understand the basic principles you will be able to draw any complex figures.

In this class, I am going to teach you how to transform basic shapes into any 3D forms.

After familiarizing yourself with the shapes, we will move on to learn how to add color, value & light to your illustration. Once learning these three elements, you’ll see your illustration come alive.This class will help you develop your own drawing style so that you can illustrate any styles without any boundaries.

A lot of students have asked, “How can I improve on my art?” “What should I do to draw like you?”
The answer is very simple. “Practice.”

No one can master in any skill within a second. It takes time and effort to draw so-called masterpiece. Regardless of your skill level, having a dedicated drawing practice is a key. In this class, I am going to encourage you to take as much as time to draw and make yourself feel more confident and prepared in drawing.

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